Service to America

Broadcasters Highlight Unique Community Impact During Service to America Week

You did it!

On June 12, 2018, broadcasters took control of social media and sent a critical message to policymakers and their constituents: Local stations and broadcast networks #BroadcastGood each and every day to their communities.

Your engagement on social media using #BroadcastGood resulted in over 8,300 tweets, a potential reach of more than 190 million and our hashtag trended nationally all day on Twitter (at times, outpaced only by the Capitals’ Parade and North Korea Summit!). This is the power of local broadcasters coming together to send a unified message about your incredible community service.

Thank you for participating in this effort and making a difference!

Shining a Light With In-Depth Reporting

The day after Service to America, NAB hosted a panel on Capitol Hill to explore the ways investigative journalism serves the public.

"America's Broadcasters: Exposing the Truth and Serving Communities," was moderated by Gray TV’s Jacqueline Policastro, D.C. bureau chief, and Ted Fioraliso, Executive Producer. It featured Jim Parsons, news director, WTAE-TV Pittsburgh; Jack Moore, digital editor, WTOP-FM; Michael Valentine, vice president and station manager, WUSA-TV and David Adams, digital journalist, Univision Communications.

During the event, WTAE’s Parsons told the more than 70 House and Senate staff in attendance about the Hearst-owned station’s recent special report on the ways Pennsylvania’s child welfare system failed to protect children. The station’s investigative team pored over government documents that detailed the tragic deaths of children raised in violent homes. “We found dozens of cases — case after case — where child welfare agencies knew there was a problem in the home and didn’t take enough steps to protect that child. And the child ended up dead,” said Parsons.

In the wake of WTAE’s investigation, the state auditor general launched an investigation that resulted in recommendations aimed at strengthening child welfare agencies. The Pennsylvania Legislature is now considering these measures.

Beyond this example, the panel shared numerous stories of how investigative journalism is making a difference.







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