STA 2020 Finalists
STA 2020 Finalists
STA 2020 Finalists

The finalists are...

From saving the lives of children, to investigating wrongful convictions to orchestrating statewide food drives, these local stations are committed to helping those in need and raising awareness of important issues. Explore the 2020 finalists and help us celebrate the critical role local broadcasters play in their communities.

Local broadcasters are committed to serving their communities. From reporting breaking news to raising awareness of important issues and charities that help neighbors in need, broadcasters across the country strive to keep our communities safe, informed and heard.

The 2020 Celebration of Service to America Awards is a televised, digital program honoring the commitment, dedication and community service that makes local broadcasting essential to our communities. This program honors local broadcasters for their unwavering commitment to ensuring communities continue to be seen and heard while staying informed on the wide variety of issues facing our country.

Showcasing broadcast industry leaders, policymakers and local radio and television stations, this program will highlight the importance of broadcasters’ public service and what it means be a part of your community.


Our show starts with an award-winning and accomplished broadcast leader. As this year’s host, Tamron Hall will announce our 2020 winners and showcase the impactful ways local radio and television stations are giving back to their communities. As a local and national news correspondent and advocate for community service, Hall will tell the stories of every finalist and highlight how local news spotlights important conversations within a community.

Past Leadership Award Recipients

Over the past 22 years, philanthropists, changemakers and dignitaries have been honored for their commitment to the community at large. These individuals have risen to the call of public duty and take seriously their work to improve the lives of others through extraordinary public service.

Stay tuned to find out who will return to honor these outstanding broadcasters.

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Thank you to all our 2020 sponsors who help make this event possible.

Thank you to all our 2020 sponsors who help make this event possible. Please join the NAB Leadership Foundation in thanking these organizations for their support.

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