Friend in Need Award for Radio Recipients

2008 WYCT Pensacola, Fla.

WYCT-FM supported Naval Reserve Battalion 11 as it prepared to deploy to the Middle East and then visited these soldiers to deliver more than 14,000 “Letters from Home.”

2007 KFI-AM Burbank, Calif.

During the devastating Esperanza Fire, KFI-AM provided round-the-clock local coverage and updates. After the fire, the station raised money to support the families of fallen firefighters.

2006 KHUM-FM Ferndale, Calif.

KHUM was there to keep the community safe and informed when a massive storm blasted through the area, leaving three quarters of the county without power.

2005 WQCS-FM Fort Pierce, Fla.

WQCS served the local citizens through an unusually active hurricane season that endured nearly back-to-back storms.

2004 WRAR Tappahannock, Va.

Through the fury of Hurricane Isabel, which crippled much of Eastern Virginia, WRAR became the eyes and ears of the community.

2003 WWZZ-FM/WWVZ-FM Arlington, Va.

In the wake of the terrifying sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C. area, WWZZ hosted a Request-A-Thon to raise money for the victims’ families.

2002 KGO-AM San Francisco, Calif.

Shawn Jones was just 10-years-old when he was attacked and wounded by three pit-bull dogs. KGO, with experts in the community, developed a long-term plan to assist Shawn in his recovery.

2001 KSTP-FM St. Paul, Minn.

KS95 organized teams of volunteers to donate food, water, supplies, money and time to help tornado victims clean up their homes and salvage their memoirs.

2000 KPWR Burbank, Calif.

1999 WZZK-FM Birmingham, Ala.

After a tornado swept through Birmingham, WZZK-FM quickly joined forces with listeners and local businesses to address the human side of the tragedy, raising food, money, water, clothes and cleaning supplies.







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