Service to America Television Award Recipients

2017 WDIV-TV Detroit, Mich.

Through news coverage, philanthropy, and community service, WDIV puts the needs of viewers first. When the city of Flint found itself in crisis, WDIV hosted a telethon, raising more than $1.13 million. WDIV also provided extensive coverage of the Flint water crisis, airing a primetime special and traveling to Washington, D.C., to cover developments on Capitol Hill. To address the opioid epidemic, WDIV ran numerous PSAs and provided significant news coverage to keep the conversation on drug addiction front and center. With Detroit having the largest concentration of Arab Americans in the U.S., WDIV created the "Arab in America" news series, which showed viewers personal stories of Arab Americans in their local community. In partnership with Bookstock, WDIV raised over $1.4 million for literacy and education programs in its community. The station’s commitment to education continued with its renovations of a school in the Detroit Public School Community District. This is just a small sampling of the work WDIV does to serve the local community.

2016 KWTX-TV Waco, Texas

Through a variety of programming, fundraising and primary support, KWTX-TV met the needs of the Waco area with invaluable community outreach including: fundraising to rejuvenate a local Boys & Girls Club that had fallen into disrepair, collecting more than 1.8 million pounds of food last year alone, honoring military veterans’ service and much more.

2015 KING-TV Seattle, Wash.

Through a combination of thoughtful programming, fundraising and hands-on support, KING-TV met the challenges that 2104 brought about head-on, serving its Washington community to the highest standard.

2014 KUSA Denver, Colo.

KUSA’s year-round service to the local community focuses on prevention, support and action. The station educates and motivates through initiatives to help keep the people of the Denver community healthy and safe.

2013 KTUL Tulsa, Okla.

Heavily invested in the well-being and engagement of Tulsa’s residents, KTUL produced nearly 50 projects touching all aspects of life in the community in 2012. The station’s deep involvement is only outdone by the attention given to each initiative.

2012 KRGV-TV Weslaco, Texas

KRGV-TV has focused its efforts on the people of the Rio Grande Valley, where many live in extreme poverty. The station has sought to bring relief to the community and encourage education and positive change.

2011 WDIV Detroit, Mich.

As the only television station located within the city of Detroit, WDIV is proud to be a leader in initiating and supporting numerous campaigns and programs that benefit their local community.

2010 WRAZ Durham, N.C.

WRAZ takes its commitment to the local community very seriously. The station was recognized for hosting a number of initiatives including: HIV testing, foreclosure prevention, blood drives, environmental stewardship and more.

2009 WFMY-TV Greensboro, N.C.

WFMY has a history of reaching out to the community and providing answers to tough issues, such feeding the hungry or improving the education system. The station’s outreach keeps viewers informed about becoming part of the solution.

2008 WYFF Greenville, S.C.

WYFF worked with more than 48 local community organizations on public service and community initiatives in 2007. At the core of the station’s outreach is its Community Task Force program, which hosts monthly meetings with community leaders.

2007 WLKY-TV Louisville, Ky.

WLKY-TV’s commitment to service runs deep and wide and is reflected in their support of community endeavors, their efforts to honor local volunteers, their activities to raise awareness about health issues and their initiatives to help children succeed.

2006 WPBF-TV West Palm Beach, Fla.

Each year, WPBF creates and supports several community outreach initiatives covering a variety of areas including education, healthcare, children, severe weather preparedness and Town Hall meetings.

2005 WXYZ-TV Detroit, Mich.

WXYZ demonstrates its commitment to the community by supporting a multitude of civic and charitable causes. Among its best-known projects are the station’s four major campaigns, which have helped the needy for two decades.

2004 KTUL Tulsa, Okla.

KTUL’s unswerving goal is to affect the lives of viewers through local programming and community service in the most positive way possible. KTUL’s numerous partnerships with community organizations promote good will and reach out to those in need.

2003 WGAL Lancaster, Pa.

WGAL sponsors over 50 non-profit or charitable organizations’ fundraising efforts throughout each calendar year. Through donation of air-time and other support, WGAL is committed to making their community a better place to live.

2002 KVUE-TV Austin, Texas

Throughout each calendar year, KVUE-TV produces countless events, campaigns and fundraisers providing support to the community it serves. In 2001 alone, the station partnered on over 15 community outreach projects.

2001 WSBT-TV South Bend, Ind.

WSBT-TV believes in serving its community. Each year, the station commits substantial on-air time and talent to make life better for all its viewers.

2000 KMGH Denver, Colo.

KMGH received the Service to America Television Award in recognition of its year-round service to the local community.

1999 WFOR-TV Miami, Fla.

WFOR-TV began its “Neighbor 4 Neighbor” campaign in response to Hurricane Andrew. The response was so overwhelming that the station decided to continue the campaign year-round, providing vital support to the citizens of Miami.







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