Management Development Seminar

Management Development Seminar

Program Agenda

The MDS curriculum was created to address matters that managers in the radio and television industries frequently face. Program topics include:

Competitive Strategy and Business Development

Using every day analogies, this session streamlines strategy, creating a blueprint all professionals can build upon. With the belief "we have to make strategy with respect to 'reality' … the company's warts, beauty marks and all," you will learn to draw together data and information, enabling professionals to understand what leads to business success in broadcasting and how it can be achieved.

From Strategic Plans to Tactical Execution

Ask yourself this question: “What are the essentials for a successful strategy and for effective tactical execution?” Learn the answer with this course designed for managers who are tasked with taking the strategic plans of an organization and its leaders and creating operational, performance-oriented plans to execute.

Financial Intelligence

You are an expert in your field, but your role also requires you to understand the financial side of our business. This engaging ½ day session will provide you with the foundation you need to speak the language of business and finance and understand key financial results, all in an environment that encourages discussion and questions (and even fun!).

Managing and Leading Human Capital for Peak Performance

This is an intensive and dynamic seminar in leading and managing employees for high and peak performance. Topics include the following, among others: motivation and leadership theories and their application -- powerful intellectual frameworks, the attributes of managerial success, leadership competencies, formulating human capital strategy and more.


We negotiate almost every day. Yet, most of us know very little about the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations. Why do we sometimes get our way whereas other times we walk away feeling frustrated by our inability to achieve the agreement we desire? Grounded in the science, but taught through experience, this highly interactive seminar will offer the fundamental strategies that you need to know to be effective at the bargaining table. Learn how to systematically prepare for a negotiation. Develop facility with core concepts including BATNA, goal, and reservation point. Practice identifying and leveraging the other party’s interests. And importantly, address how these ideas translate into your own experiences within the organization.

Decision Making

We all make decisions, all the time. Some are rather mundane, but others are critical. Imagine how much better your life would be if all of your important decisions were as good as they realistically could be. The goal of this course is to help you make better decisions. Grounded in the science, but taught in a highly interactive way, this seminar identifies the decision traps we all face and offers strategies for how to avoid and overcome them. It is designed to help you think analytically about the ways decisions are made – by individuals and organizations – and provides practical skills for both better individual and team decision making.

Navigating Difficult Conversations and Selling Your Agenda

Knowledge is power. The way to gain knowledge within an organization is through active listening and productive dialogue. The executive who listens empathically and adopts a learning perspective will have a better understanding of the organization. With this understanding an executive can then frame arguments effectively to persuade. This session will discuss listening techniques, illustrate the challenges to effective listening, and explore a learning perspective. The session will then show how to frame arguments effectively with the audience in mind.

Digital Strategy and Business Models

Relationships. Ratings. Revenue: This presentation provides a detailed look at building and utilizing listener databases and building listener relationships in order to impact the station’s relevancy, ratings and revenue. A deep dive into e-marketing case studies and an overview of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will be provided, as well as a glossary of database and social media terms and information on appropriately staffing for a digital workforce.

Leading Change

Charged by the ideas and information generated in the first days of the seminar, participants will need the skills to implement change when they return to their businesses. Attendees will not only learn fundamentals for instituting long-term renovation, but they will also discover critical steps for organizational transformation that are often overlooked and, as a result, can derail successful change. The participants' leadership role – their ability to marshal people to support change – will be an additional highlight of this culminating session.