Technology Apprenticeship Program

Technology Apprenticeship Program
Technology Apprenticeship Program
Technology Apprenticeship Program
Technology Apprenticeship Program

Program Overview

Technology in the broadcasting industry is changing, and it is changing fast. With a rapid audience shift to digital and an increasing need for a more technical workforce, the NAB Leadership Foundation is bridging the gap by offering the Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP), an educational technical program designed to train, inform and recruit a diverse workforce that meets the emerging technology and engineering needs within the broadcasting community.

The Foundation is seeking a limited number of qualified students to join TAP to receive valuable technical training and industry connections to become a part of the next generation of broadcasting. During this paid six-month fellowship program, participants will complete broadcast technology and AWS cloud-based instruction and meet with top broadcast technology talent and mentors to explore the advancements and career opportunities available in this field. Participants must complete each phase of the program before advancing to the next.


Differentiate yourself

Differentiate Your Resume. Get recognized for going beyond what you learn in the classroom and textbooks by getting additional industry-specific training.

Network with leading engineers

Network with Leaders. With top broadcast engineering and technology executives as your speakers and faculty, this program gives you the chance to get to know engineering leaders in broadcast and build your connections network.

Become a certified broadcast technologist

Gain In-demand Certifications. Become a versatile broadcast engineer by gaining two in-demand certifications recognized by the broadcast industry.

Build your resume and portfolio

Provide Insight. Provide your feedback, thoughts and opinions on trending technologies and efficiencies during monthly focus groups and discussions.

Build your resume and portfolio

Learn the Latest. Learn the latest in AWS cloud-based technologies and broadcast system architecture and integrations. You will explore engineering and technology fundamentals and advancements from leading talent in the field.


Get training from leaders in the broadcasting industry to understand what it takes to be a successful broadcast engineer. From in-person to on-the-job training sessions, this program will prepare you for your engineering career and help you build a bright future.

Review Curriculum

  • Zipporah Mondy

    Technology Apprenticeship Program 2018 Graduate

    “I have always been exposed to the technology and engineering parts of radio to a certain degree, but TAP was an opportunity for me to fully dive into engineering and focus my energy and attention on learning and understanding that part of radio more, I felt like we had a wonderful crash course of radio and television fundamentals during orientation at NAB Show.”

  • Rachel Torres

    Technology Apprenticeship Program 2018 Graduate

    “My two months working as an engineer helped prepare me for those moments at my station today when I have to jump in and try to figure out the problem.”

  • Demetrius Allen-Green

    Technology Apprenticeship Program 2018 Graduate

    “TAP and my experience during my apprenticeship definitely exposed me to how much technology is already in the industry and how much further we can go with it.”

Ready to build the future?

This cutting edge technology training program is open to college seniors, technical school students and recent college graduates.
Explore our application guidelines to submit your application for further review.

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